Project Cars 2 SR) pC2 V8 SuperCars Round 3 21|11|2017 Q@20:00 GMT

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    Project CARS 2 Screenshot 2017.11.19 -
    Round 3 @ Ruapuna GP
    Each round will consist of 2 x 10 min Qual sessions & 2 X 20 min races. After the first race has finished the server will take us back to the lobby where the host will then set up race 2 .
    For race 2 there will be a short 5 min practice session then the 10 min Quall session.
    If you get disconnected You can simply come back before Q has ended.

    Server settings :
    these are the realism settings:

    I have turned track limit penalties off for this track as they are far to limiting ,in league racing the time you loose having an off is enough ..we don't need to have 5-10-15 second time penalties for barely nipping the apex so they are off !
    Speeding in the pits and crossing the exit line to soon coming out will be penalized !

    Rev Limiter: make sure you map this one ! By default the limiter is OFF , for those of us used to rf2 this will throw you off so make sure to turn it ON before you leave your box ! will loose grid positions from speeding in the pits in P and Q

    Saving setup's : Right now there is a bug in the setup save feature and The work around is to "create new set up* " every time .. the "overwrite current set" is bugged & only works part of the time . Also after you hit "SAVE" you need to hit the "CONTINUE" button twice yes 2 clicks ! wait another "CONTINUE" button will follow on the "confirm save" pop up ... DO this and you wont have any drama ..

    Making sure your set is loaded before the race : Another issue we sometimes see in pC2 is the set reverting to default in between sessions . the fix is to simply click on the garage set up tab , you don't need to 'enter the garage' simply click the tab.. watch it think for a sec... then you will see it load your set ! Now your good to go .. always check between Q and Race !

    The READY Tab/button:
    This is pc2's way of letting drivers sort them selves and there sets after the Q session .. Its a 2 min wait session during witch you can adjust your set (save it to a new one*) take a leek .what ever you need to do ... once your all set you then tick the READY button/tab & you will see a thumbs up next to your name showing your ready! .. if you fail to click the ready tab before the 2 minutes are up your out of the race ! This is a one way ticket ! once you click ready you can not go back
    (!!!!! Check your set BEFORE you hit the READY button !!! ) ..
    ICM: In car management system :

    You will want to map & learn this system ..
    For G-25/27 users it's already mapped to the shifter 4 way Hat button ,1 click UP opens it then you use the hat to navigate to what you want , its great if you need to adjust your pre made pit stop strategy . you can change it to tires only or splash & dash , it's tricky because you also need to keep driving ! but the hat makes it easy to get where you need to go ,(rf2 user's are used to this ;-)

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  2. Rob Milliken

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    Who's the sadistic psychopath who came up with this combo ?? :D lol .

    Its going to be something to behold for sure ... lol I think I will add rain ! haha no just kidding ... its already slippery enough !!! :p
  3. Rob Milliken

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    Anyone looking to practice I have the F K R @ S R O NO BS server up !
    Min D ranking ..
    no pw ..
  4. Nick Phillips

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    As of last night's run having reinstalled my wheel I was 3000th's ahead of Mr Bayes. So it is fine right now!
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