Assetto Corsa SRO AC SEAT LEON WT ROUND 3 GROBNIK 25|11|2017 20:15 GMT

Discussion in 'Seat Leon World Tour Closed' started by Rob Milliken, Nov 18, 2017.

By Rob Milliken on Nov 18, 2017 at 11:18 PM
  1. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Round 3 @ Grobnik
    Server is up all week for practice
    Not signed up yet? sign up HERE

    2X20 minute races with reverse grid !
    server - AI-SRO-SEAT LEON WORLD TOUR-MR-Stracker

    (just type A! in the server search;-)
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Discussion in 'Seat Leon World Tour Closed' started by Rob Milliken, Nov 18, 2017.

    1. Roy Cop
      Roy Cop
      Guys, be advised that this is a challanging track if you haven't practised here before. It took me a few laps to find a good line and going off track is unforgiving. AVOID THE RED TYRES STICKING OUT OF THE CURBES! And despite it being a challanging track its very rewarding if you get it right.
    2. Roel Postma
      Roel Postma
      The ideal racingline is not always the best line. Try turning it off if you think you know the track, and see if you can improve on a different line.
    3. Rob Milliken
      Rob Milliken
      Drivers ! I have adjusted the "result screen time" to 120 sec's along with the time between sessions (120) so this should give us 4 minuets in between the 2 races .. (it was 30 sec's before)

      I did this so drivers can take a sec to re group or take a pee between races ectt.. :D

      The only down side is this will also make the time between sessions <qual to race > also 4 min so please just bare with it ! & remember during this time not to forget to actually hit the DRIVE button .. (if you hit it to soon you can't go back) but if you forget to hit it you will start your race from the pits with a 10 sec delay !
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    4. Norman Bruce
      Norman Bruce
      I can't get online, there are no servers showing in the list?
    5. John vd Geest
      John vd Geest
      I'm done with this series. Goodbye.
    6. Nigel Middleton
      Nigel Middleton
      Did you get knocked off track then John
    7. Roel Postma
      Roel Postma
      Yes he was, and it was rough and avoidable from my window. I am very sorry for John, my well respected GEAR teamleader, to see him leave this wonderfull series.
    8. John vd Geest
      John vd Geest
      Yeah, it's the same BS every race. So now I've reached the end of my patience.
      Have a good one Roel. Keep the colours flying :)
    9. Roel Postma
      Roel Postma
      I will, and dedicate my podiums to you. Please come back????? There is an event plannend on the 23th of December. Is there a possibility to move that race to Friday the 22th? Christmas Weekend and i don't dare to race then:rolleyes:
    10. Rob Milliken
      Rob Milliken
      That's racing ..these are closely matched cars and expect some door banging .. have a look at the real series .. we do allot better then them in most cases :D and we can walk away ! ..
      I got hit & knocked off as well .. its the same for all .. chin up man ...
    11. Rob Milliken
      Rob Milliken
      Post race thread is up ,please use that forum for race reports & all ;-)

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