Assetto Corsa Comp SRO ACC Sprint Series 1 (of 4)

Discussion in 'Blancpain GT3 Series Closed' started by Rob Milliken, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. Laurent Londes

    Laurent Londes Pro Driver

    Thanks for the pointers, that should work out then !
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  2. Taner Selvi

    Taner Selvi Pro Driver

    Update 2.9 gb. Many specs added.
  3. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Yes Nice update ! the server is updated , make sure you are on 1.2 !
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  4. Mark Jones

    Mark Jones Pro Driver

    Hmmm stuck doing update, might end up missing this one.
  5. Pablo Finotti

    Pablo Finotti Pro Driver

    All I wanted for this one was a race without incidents, even finishing last. Only managed to finish last.
    Lost the start and started from pits... lost over a minute before the race even started. Raced alone for the rest of those 45 minutes, never saw other car on track. How was the race for you, by the way?
    Comparing my pace with the other guys, it wasn't bad at all, since I was running the same laptimes as Taner at the end.

    By the way, this series was completely forgettable for me... 3 discos in Monza, punted twice and DQ in Nürburgring, punted again in Brands and now this...
  6. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    No worries Pablo thx for being a good sport ! . This series was simply to get our feet wet and learn the in's & outs of the sim ..
    As the series moves on to series 2,3 & 4 things will intensify as we learn the sim !:D
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  7. Norman Bruce

    Norman Bruce Pro Driver

    The update must have reset my graphics settings all to Epic, did not notice any difference in practice or qualifying but when the race started my frame rate dipped real low near the end of the lap. I went to the pits and through the options menu turned down the graphics settings but the fun had gone, hope the rest of you had a good race.
    The livery editor is excellent:cool::)
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  8. Tim Meuris

    Tim Meuris Pro Driver

    I hate updates at raceday ... and that fast corner before the final chicane.
    The real speed was gone after the update but the setup still felt decent so I did not make any late changes. I started second and managed to stick with Bonner in the opening laps. In lap 3 or 4 he had a bad run coming out of eau rouge and while he almost started mowing the lawn at the left side of Kemmel straight I was able to overtake him. After that I managed to break away a little until I left it in a gear too high after shifting back at the end of Kemmel straight almost losing the rear. Tanner was a lot closer now and I could no longer break away from him. We entered the pits at the same lap. I was very proud that I remembered to tick the 'change tires' box. 30 seconds later I went all Tourettes after realising I didn't untick the 'change brakes' box. :mad:
    I came out in 4th behind my teammate and decided to cruise to the finish only to let my guard down and lose the car before the final chicane... twice. :confused:
    This game is good, really good. But oh, it is a hard learning school... :rolleyes:
    On a positive note: I didn't spun anyone around, beside myself... twice.
    Congrats to Tanner for the win and to Alex for taking the championship.
    Thnx at Rob for hosting. ( small tip: select track status 'fast' for practise session as the green status is not representative for grip levels at raceday, which makes it useless and might prevent people from practising online.
  9. Taner Selvi

    Taner Selvi Pro Driver

    I felt positive changes after update. Bentley is more stabile on the kerbs. I used the kerbs more than the old version of the sim. The breaks are more effective.
    As the race; I think I set everything well in the track and the pit; so car run well. I only did not predict the temperature decrease so quick. It would be better to clear the sim race time, so we can predict the temperature.
    I follow Tim closely around 2 seconds range. As soon as He pitted, I dived too. Then the stroy he explained anyway. After the pit, I kept 20 seconds with 2.p. So, saw the chequered flag.
    Congratulations Alex for taking the trophy : )
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  10. Laurent Londes

    Laurent Londes Pro Driver

    This was my very first time online with ACC !

    The fact VR was totally broken was not great. But I reverted my oculus software and firmware, made sure it would not update by configuring the firewall and that did the trick.

    I tried the Lamborghini first, that didn't suit me too well, then tried the Mercedes. The sim completely freezes when I leave the session by the way. Even task manager won't show up. I have to ctrl-alt-del and sign out. I will check my game files for this. Just went with aggressive setup. Are these setups generic setups or are they different for each track ?

    What I didn't know was that you had tire sets in ACC .. I have done practice, qualifying and race start on the same set and I had no grip at all at Blanchimont on lap 1. I have scraped the tires quite a few tires during practice too. Unless I am mistaken the wear remains between the sessions I guess ? As I thought this wasn't possible to have such limited grip during the race I pitted quite soon and chose tire set 4 in the MFD. That worked a lot better :) Almost made it to the end, was hit from behind pretty hard and that sent my car in the barriers, suspension completely broken.

    I don't care much about the race itself, I wanted to see how well it worked.

    - Immersion is great
    - Rob's car was jumping left-right all the time (low ping?)
    - VR graphics are a bit blurry, known issue with ACC, I prefer AC a lot more in this regard
    - VR smoothness is something I have to look into, throws me off a bit sometime but overall it was pretty smooth
    - I have to get used to the physics a bit in corners like Blanchimont or Pouhon
    - I have no clue about a lof of things like tire temps / pressure, refueling (I just started with 90 liters), setup etc

    I'll try to join the next series if the time/date fits.
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  11. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Assetto Corsa Competizione Screenshot 2019.12.18 - The end of series 1 ! Congratulations Alex on the series win ! well done !

    I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did , this sim even with its downfalls is an amazing piece of software !

    Thanks to everyone for making this series possible ! without you all there is no series with this next gen sim !

    I hope you all can join us in January for series 2 (Tuesdays same time slot)

    It sucks when an update comes out on race day but that's how it goes somedays :D and I to saw the jittery net code , never seen that before and now with todays 1.2.1 hot fix it seems there was an issue that was fixed ..

    Here is the hot fix changelog :

    Changelog v1.2.1

    TAB Timetable HUD overlay now scales properly on all resolutions.
    Fixed spotter/text messages chain after loading a saved game.
    Fixed tyre set inconsistency between MFD and setup.
    Fixed pitcrew spawn in saved games.
    MP: Fixed zippy netcode for high pings.
    MP: Removed gaps in grid position caused by disconnected cars.
    Random weather fix to not only generate rainy conditions.
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  12. Laurent Londes

    Laurent Londes Pro Driver

    I was just doing some practice with the Mercedes on Spa I drove yesterday, this time with fresh tires. And I noticed once the time hit 21:00, the VR started to be less fluid. It's also the time the sun seems to go down. It was very smooth before and a lot less so afterwards. I think I noticed the same during the race yesterday. Once it's dark it seemed more fluid.

    Down to 1.20.1 by the way with more to come ;)
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  13. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    At this time you can not yet adjust track grip/conditions in MP ..:rolleyes:

    Its been talked about in the forums , Aris said its biased on the real race weekend so any "practice session" P-1 P-2 will simulate Friday afternoon with a fairly green track . Q simulates Saturday, you have some good grip by now as the game also simulates what rubber the other class's add during there P & Q session to recreate the way it actually happens on the busy race weekend . The race simulates Sunday and is well rubbered in from all the P & Q action over the last 2 days from the Blancpain cars and all the other classes racing ..

    This is how they wrote it to work .. Now you would think in the server files you would have some freedom to do as you say & set the grip how you want on your server .. But nope ..
    The weather is about the same only they do give you some settings but they control the algorithm not the actual 'game weather' so you can't say "I want clouds early turning into rain right at 1/2 way" you can only adjust the randomness of rain and % chance of clouds ..

    Here have a look , this is the DED's "event.json" and what we use to set conditions & sessions ..

    "track": "spa",
    "preRaceWaitingTimeSeconds": 120,
    "sessionOverTimeSeconds": 160,
    "ambientTemp": 26,
    "cloudLevel": 0.3,
    "rain": 0.0,
    "weatherRandomness": 2,
    "configVersion": 1,
    "sessions": [
    "hourOfDay": 11,
    "dayOfWeekend": 1,
    "timeMultiplier": 1,
    "sessionType": "P",
    "sessionDurationMinutes": 20

    No grip info and the "rain" & "cloud" lines are again just controling the weather algorithms and are a little wacky ,like if you change rain to 0.1 it will never stop raining ..ever so we are told to leave that alown and only use the "weatherrandomness" line to set weather .. I had it at 1 for series 1 and it moves to 2 for series 2 !

    So That said , the server is opened up to public for the holidays ! meaning no pw and it will show in the public server lobby for some 24/7 action
    Its set to SA 70 , track meddles =3, race craft 30, so that will help keep it clean !
    Not that hi yet ? no worries, all SRO members are (or can be if not yet) on the "entry_list" this automatically gets you in bypassing any server rank settings , anyone in the last race is already on the entry list , If you cant get on just PM me & we will get you on the list ..

    Server is set for 20 min P, 20 min Q, 25 min race .. the track selection is set to 'track rotation when empty' so after the first race once everyone leaves the track will 'auto rotate' to a random track .. I will be off & on it over the next few weeks !
    Happy Holidays ! :D:)
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  14. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Unfortunately, I'm out. I have to be somewhere tomorrow night.
  15. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Good info from a real Blanc pain driver doing ACC

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  16. Alex Bonner

    Alex Bonner Pro Driver

    Sorry guys I totally forgot.

    See you for round 2.
  17. Martyn McClune

    Martyn McClune Pro Driver Donator

    Have some real life problems at the moment so did unregister as I thought I would not make the race . Turns out I can but am now red light , will be around if a space opens up :) Hopefully cyas on track
  18. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    yes if the server is not full at Q time you may come in if your red ...
  19. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

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  20. Laurent Londes

    Laurent Londes Pro Driver

    Hehe thanks :) When can we expect to see you on track to score some points for the team ?
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