SRO FKR DTM Round 2 Toban 9|02|2017

Discussion in 'SRO FKR DTM Championship Closed' started by Rob Milliken, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    rFactor 2(rFactor2.exe) 08.27.2017 -

    Round 2 general info:
    has no working DRS zones therefore we will be using the 2012 car ,make sure you choose the correct car when practicing .

    Q: start time 19:30 X20 min Parc Ferme * Fuel strategy is now unlocked !
    You may change tire compound (not tire pressure), fuel+ fuel strategy*, break bias, Rad , Mixture , and a few non essential items..

    Race start time: 20:00 BST 55 min .
    Race start type: Formation/standing
    set by server .

    4 Tire change rule: mandatory pit stop/4 tire change . you must change out all 4 tires on your stop .. pits are open from lap 1 to the end, you may pit at any time . ( you can pit as many times as you want )

    Round 2 finds us moving from the wide sweeping turns of Silverstone to the tight hilly confines of ISI's Infamous Toban . Many a sim driver have cut there teeth at rf1's Toban ,now its back ,new and improved with all it's frustrating glory for rf2 ..
    "It's technical , extremely tight and no place to pass :D ".. just to be clear we will need to show patience & be smart about every move at this place .. After round one's Lap one mishaps I expect everyone to do there best to avoid contact at all cost !

    I've attached the race day vmod , I suggest all drivers get as much practice here as possible .. :rolleyes:

    Desktop 08.27.2017 -

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  2. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

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  3. Murilo Assenato

    Murilo Assenato Pro Driver

    Guys, where's the server?
  4. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Should be up soon !
  5. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Server is up !
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  6. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper Pro Driver

    Did about 50 laps last night. I wanted to fit some practise in as I'm working both jobs Friday (and doing a few hours at the gym tonight), although I am day off work Saturday which helps.

    I've never driven on this circuit before, it's a fun layout and pretty unforgiving if you run wide. Easy to overdrive some of the corners and lose time. You could say "old style" with all the grass and lack of tarmac run-off. The best option seems to be to drive at 98%, if you try flat out those kerbs will suck you into the wall.

    I suppose my only slight worry is passing, I can see incidents a plenty on this one. You really need the person in front to make a mistake, I suppose the start finish straight is the only real chance of passing (although you could stick one down the inside at the first heavy braking zone) but that's the challenge of this circuit :)

    Reminds a little of Raceroom Raceway. Just a fun fictional track :)

    Will be doing some work on strategy tonight to make sure I don't end up in the pits for three minutes like last time :rolleyes:

    From a humorous point of view I didn't realise I had the time scale on x120. The cars look great at night but the headlamps are hopeless! lol

    EDIT: Just while I think about it, no I couldn't detect any real difference in the two tyre compounds either. I wondered if one was a qualifying tyre but the HP tyre seems to have more slide in it (H for harder compound?). Although that could just be due to track conditions.
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  7. Nigel Middleton

    Nigel Middleton Administrator Staff Member Donator

    I had a practice before round 1 I found the HP tyres run out of grip after 4 or 5 laps I would say they are qualifying tyres but that is only going by what I tried offline.

    Perhaps someone with more experience of this mod can clarify the actual difference between the 2 tyre compounds.
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  8. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper Pro Driver

    Fair enough. Yes I admit I only did a handful of laps on them but they were struggling to bite for some reason so I went back to the softs.

    I didn't notice any real performance difference (as my lap time was slightly slower than the softs) but I could just have been tired! lol
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  9. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper Pro Driver

    @Ricardo Gomes can you stop going so fast! lol

    I thought I was doing ok last night and then you put in a lap 1.5 seconds faster than me! :p

    Success ballast from round three! ;)
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  10. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper Pro Driver

    I sent a quick message to an admin member on Racedepartment who used to run club races with these cars all the time (although mainly on Assetto Corsa).

    Yep, the "HP" tyres are supposed to be qualifiers.
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  11. Ricardo Gomes

    Ricardo Gomes Pro Driver

    I have the same experience as you.. it was my first race with that URD mod!
    I think the softs are good for qualification... the others are still (in my opinion) soft tires but they last more (this is valid for my setup in Silverstone)

    EDIT: but, taking into account what Andrew said, it seems i'm wrong: i did the race the other way arround ahahah
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  12. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Remember guys we are in the 2012 car this week ! they have the soft & softhp and no DRS - the 2013 car has soft's & option as the 2 tires along with DRS ;-)
    I to am now confused ! but thats normal:confused:.. :D I thought the hp's were lasting longer for me .. but if they are the q tires then i just don't know anymore .lol
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  13. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    If you noticed in the round 2 info I adjusted the parc ferme so fuel strategy is now unlocked ..before in round 1 your pit stop fuel was locked .Now you can adjust it any time & on the fly so if you only need a splash you can set it for 5L or so after parc ferme .. fuel loading is still slow as hell ..I think they use a spoon to add gas in these cars :D
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  14. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper Pro Driver

    Not a criticism at all matey. It was my fault more than anything else. Thanks for releasing the parc ferme on that side of things though does make a huge difference.

    Yes I thought I wasn't getting any fuel at first then I saw the number move! lol :)
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  15. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Ya it was a bit un realistic to not be able to deside how much ,if any ,fuel you wanted ! It was unintentional to have it locked in the first place but its fixed now;)
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  16. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper Pro Driver

    Absolutely gutted, I did quite a lot of practice for this event as well. Did a full race distance around lunch time, so I knew tyre wear, fuel amount. Grrrr.
    Thanks so much for waiting around, really kind of you but all of a sudden my connection would just not remain stable.
    Hope you all had a great race.

    I'm just going to go and kick
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  17. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Sorry for your problems Andrew. Don't give up. Hope to see you on the next round.

    Made a bit of a mess at the start. I accidentely selected second gear at the green light, so I was a bit slow of the line and Ricardo passed me. Luckely I could still hold Mark behind, so it wasn't all bad.

    I had selected the soft tires, thinking they were the hardest race tires. Wrong!! The softs went quicker then a fart in the night. Had to change them after 6 laps or so. Then I put the softPH on, and they held a little longer, but they also went quite fast. So then I thought, well, lets only change the front tires as the rears were still oke. Wrong again! If you only change the front tires the car oversteers like crazy! Ricardo was catching me so fast it made my head spin LOL. So, I came into the pits again to change tires. Now the balance was back, but I was a long way behind Mark. 40 seconds.
    I still had a very good fight with Ricardo in the end, so it was a good race none the less. Like the cars. I'll be back for more!

    Grats to Mark for the win. Well done :)
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2017
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  18. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Last 10 minutes of the fight for second place

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  19. John lock

    John lock Administrator Staff Member Donator

    didn't do so well in this race, made 2 mistakes looked to see the gaps in the wrong place & went off lost 3 places, then thinking about making my pitstop drifted onto the grass & spun into the wall, costing me a 90sec pitstop :mad:
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  20. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

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