SRO FKR DTM Round 5 Portugal GP 09|23|2017 19:30 BST

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  1. Rob Milliken

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    DTM R5 track map.jpg
    Round 5 at Portugal GP!
    This track has no working DRS zones so we will again be using the 2012 car !
    Qual : 19:30 BST ! 20 min session with parc ferme . Free to change : tire type (not tire pressure) starting fuel & fuel strategy .

    WU : 10 min

    Race Start Time 20:00 BST ! 55 min .

    Race Start Type: Formation/Standing

    Race reminders : If you have an off you must wait for traffic to clear before you re enter the track .
    If you punt another car or are the cause of an incident you must do a drive threw to avoid any further penalties !

    DTM R5 1.jpg
  2. Andrew Harper

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    Booooo! :)

    I was looking forward to flexing the DRS on that straight! lol

    Nice choice again, although it has that love it or hate it chicane at the end it's a nice track to drive :D
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  3. Rob Milliken

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