SRO FKR DTM Round 5 Post Race Reports & Screens!

Discussion in 'SRO FKR DTM Championship Closed' started by Rob Milliken, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    rFactor 2(rFactor2.exe) 09.23.2017 -

    Have your say !
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  2. Nigel Middleton

    Nigel Middleton Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Happy with 10th place.

    Will be a lot happier when I can find time to practice but still having fun :)

    Grats on the win John
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  3. Toni Talvitie

    Toni Talvitie Pro Driver Donator

    Had a ahitty Q and a fantastic race.
    Starting from 12th i think, i had to pass everyone ahead of me.
    Takes lots time on these cars. Eventually find myself behind Rob and Csaba.
    Csaba pits and put pressure on Rob but cant make it safe and didnt want to ram admin's arse so had to wait lol.
    Guys have bot pitted and do few more laps and join in bwfore Rob gets me.
    Couple more laps and get Csaba on t1 an road is free.
    After that super happy with pace finding out that acrually catching top 3 every lap.
    Gap was 17 seconds and in the end had P2 and P3 in front of me and John 14secs or so.
    Great race.
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  4. Mark Hightree

    Mark Hightree Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Reliability issues took me out. Computer needs an overhaul. Runs for a while then freezes up. Might be in the garage for the next few races. It was fun while it lasted. Start was fun and the pace was good. I think I could have been close to the front at the end. Not sure who won but congrats to you :) Hope to see you next time.
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  5. Roger Hinds

    Roger Hinds Pro Driver

    made a safe start , which was my main concern, only to be taken out after slip streaming and passing on the start / finish straight of lap 7 , I think. a move which left me up against the barrier facing the wrong way. I myself never go for an overtake if it means I might take an opponent out of the race. oh well!
  6. John lock

    John lock Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Sorry about that Roger that was me I wasn't even trying to pass you, though in my defense you made a bad entry into turn 1, I left plenty of room & was well off the racing line & unfortunately you drifted over & just touched my front corner putting us both off, you made a brilliant move into turn 1 on the previous lap, a late braking Riccardo type move I was amazed when you made it through the corner.
    I just wish I could get out of the habit of crashing after the pitstop:rolleyes:
  7. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper Pro Driver

    Well sorry guys as usual work got in the way this week so I was unable to practice again. Really frustrating! :(

    Anyway, I tried to join the server for practice at least. I was doing ok but unusually compared to Silverstone and the 2nd round I felt like I was driving on eggshells. I just couldn't push at all, as soon as I started to lean on the car the front would run wide or the car would slide wide in the middle of the corner killing my lap time. Played around with suspension settings and so on but couldn't quite find a solution.

    Still haven't quite figured out the load cell braking technique yet. Was either locking up and not making the apex or braking too early and locking up everything. I tried changing brake pressure and I think that's the answer but I just need to experiment some more. I think Raceroom is just more forgiving as I have no such issues on there.

    Anyway steadily got better and was just running the laps in the race and getting some experience, and then it happened again. Car snapped sideways in the middle of the corner towards the end of the lap and took the front of the car off. I went into the pit lane but I lost about 4-5 laps whilst they repaired the damage. I was happy to continue but I thought something was wrong as I was sitting still for so long I thought my put crew had gone on strike! Just as I clicked on the "Return to Monitor" button I noticed the car dropped so I guess the damage was just really bad.

    Really sorry. I feel like I'm wasting peoples time on here. When I signed up I wasn't too bad time wise but the last five weeks have been crazy.

    I am thinking about signing up for the Enduracer league on here as I spent weeks doing a livery for the Lola some time ago and haven't used it yet but it all depends on time that I have available.

    Well done to the finishers and the top three :)
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  8. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Don't give up Andrew, s**t happens to us all at some time or other. If you want to compare your setup, then just ask somebody running in the same car. I'm sure you'll get several setups in return :) Or look at joining one of the Teams with a few guys as they will be sharing information etc.
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  9. Ricardo Gomes

    Ricardo Gomes Pro Driver

    I'm no expert on setups... but you can ask mine anytime!

    "load cell braking technique yet"

    i press the brake normally (normal strenght) and adjust it to 70%
    the leg remembers the force used.. during race i know that beyond that point i'll lock the tyres
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  10. Sim Racing Online

    Sim Racing Online Administrator Staff Member Donator

    A drive thru penalty is issued to Murilo Assenato for over aggressive driving and dangerous contact with other vehicles. This comes after a warning from the previous event for causing an accident. Murilo has 3 laps at the beginning of the next event to serve his penalty or his race results will be disqualified. Also note that the next offense will result in a one race ban.

    Carlos Popo is issued a warning for hitting another driver during qualifying and causing the driver to leave the track. The race incident with John vd Geest was ruled a racing incident and no further action is warranted.

    Over aggressive and dangerous driving will not be tolerated. The Atlantic Motorsport team is fast and we want them racing here but the team must decide which style of racing they wish to drive and choose their events accordingly. SRO requires all racers to drive clean and respectful.
  11. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    That was an interesting race. Got beaten in qualy, but my racepace is always stronger then my qualy lap so I wasn't worried about keeping in contact with the leading group.
    Managed my tires so they wouldn't burn up too quick. I was learning in Mills Metro how to do that.

    I really like Estoril because it's fast and technical, so I was going to enjoy myself regardless the position, as long as I could fight someone. And I did get into some pretty big fights!
    Specially with the boys from the Atlantic who are a bit too agressive I think. They really don't like being overtaken and go to extremes to prevent loosing position. You could see my left door lying on the Apex of T1 from lap 6 on.
    Didn't much care for that. But I still had a good time racing the field.

    Anyway, won the race and got a little bit closer to the leaders in the championship. So that's good news.
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  12. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper Pro Driver

    70% Gotcha :)

    I think the level is too high for me at the moment and that's why I'm always having to be very careful.

    Thanks mate.
  13. Ricardo Gomes

    Ricardo Gomes Pro Driver

    You got to find a pressure thats confortable for you... than you just need to let go
    the advantage is ... muscle memory vs brain (travel) memory
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  14. Carlos Popó

    Carlos Popó Pro Driver

    amigos, sobre o toque que eu dei em qualy, você deveria verificar o envolvido, o cara perdeu sua vez na última esquina e sabendo que eu estava voltando rapidamente voltou para a pista sem sequer olhar para trás e este é um piloto que sempre sai a trilha e retorna sem ver.
  15. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    here is an attempt at a translation trans is not that great but i think you get the point ..
    friends, about the touch that I gave in qualy, you should check the wrapped, the guy lost his turn at the last corner and knowing that I was coming back quickly returned to the track without even looking back and this is a rider who always leaves the track and returns without seeing.
  16. Ricardo Gomes

    Ricardo Gomes Pro Driver

    Então, nesse caso, e na tua opinião, fui eu que causei deliberadamente o toque? Estranha teoria...
    Mas mais, também sabes o que eu "sei" e o que eu "vejo". Estranhos poderes os teus..

    Sabes, eu votava no seguinte: vamos começar tudo de novo e apenas fazer o que nos traz aqui, correr!
    Que te parece?
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2017
  17. Ricardo Gomes

    Ricardo Gomes Pro Driver

    o envolvido.. "the guy who was involved"
  18. Carlos Popó

    Carlos Popó Pro Driver

    Rob, eu entendo, vou fechar a conversa sobre este assunto, a próxima vez que eu nem sequer possa correr por causa de uma viagem para o trabalho que vou fazer, será uma ótima corrida.
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  19. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Ok Carlos ..don't work to hard ! ;-)
  20. Murilo Assenato

    Murilo Assenato Pro Driver

    I accept the punishment imposed on me, but I contest the title of aggressive driving because at no time did I intend to cause the shock or even pressure the opponent. What happened was a race accident, exactly the same as what happened between Carlos Popó and John V Geest, because in both there was loss of position and in both there was no fairplay
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