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  1. Kiril Kirilov

    Kiril Kirilov Pro Driver

    @Aaron, 1st race 1st corner... that was me. Sorry for that. I didn't even realize from my perspective that I hit you. All the cars were lagging at the start, I should watch my replay. Nice and clean driving from you.
  2. Chris Hancox

    Chris Hancox Pro Driver

    Did the race start time change? I was sure it was 7pm GMT when I checked earlier
  3. Dionysis Faraos

    Dionysis Faraos Pro Driver

    Sorry to Santos, I believe it was my fault there. Not sure about the other incidents, there seems to be a lot of lag and even if the cars don't touch, the one car gets launched pretty badly and the other doesn't feel the contant.
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  4. Aaron Sharp

    Aaron Sharp Pro Driver

    Did the race time change or something as when i went to join it already said it was the second race and when it finally said practice it was booting me as a possible cheat
  5. Kenny Press

    Kenny Press Administrator Staff Member Donator

    That was my fault, it should be 18:00 GMT now as clocks have changed. Uk is now in BST time.
  6. Chris Hancox

    Chris Hancox Pro Driver

    So will the rest of the races be at 7 BST?
  7. Aaron Sharp

    Aaron Sharp Pro Driver

    Well I guess thats my season done as when the clocks change here it will put the races at 4:00am
  8. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    All races at SRO will be displayed in GMT, so wherever you are in the world, you need to adjust this to your time-zone. We used to display race start times based on whether it was GMT or BST, but felt that may have been even more confusing, so we adopted a single time standard of GMT all year round.
    The issue today was, after the clock changes in Europe to Summer Savings Time, we did not amend the SRO event start time for the remaining races in this series to read 18:00 GMT. Consider Kenny has had his wrists slapped! :D
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  9. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    I felt a bit like a fish out of water in last nights Anderstorp race, not having used Race07 for years and then very little at that anyway. In practice I could run slightly quicker in the Alfa, compared to the BMW, but FWD and me just don't get on so I switched back to the BMW to try and maintain a little consistency. My approach to adjusting setup changes goes out the window with FWD :confused:.

    For any Touring Car race I always expect a bit of door scraping and the races didn't miss any of that. But in R2 with the reversed grid which (caught me out) it got a little too robust for my liking. I'll admit I'm not a front runner by any means, but I expect faster drivers to assess the best place to pass and use their superior capabilities to make a clean pass. I didn't have an issue with the initial 2-3 bumps which I managed to hold on to, but when I got a heavy whack on the rear nearside, punting me off track, I can't say I was happy. The replay indicates to my eyes that it was caused by quite a late lunge towards the apex after I had already started to turn in, so the gap was always going to close down to nothing. Not a particularly good or smart move I consider. Our Rules on Punting another car are also very clear, but were not followed.

    That's all I'll say about it and will not be taking it any further action except to say I would probably have taken a dimmer view of it if it had been one of my hosted series.
  10. Paul Upham

    Paul Upham Pro Driver

    I would like to comment as this pertains to my pass. I would have to say that all the little bumps sustained were because of the early braking on your part and the great difference in speed on corner entry. I realized that you were braking early and after the little tap could have easily passed but decided to let you keep your position. I then notice that you started to change your line in to the best passing opportunities and then change again just before entering. This in my understanding would be considered blocking. Me and the three other drivers that were in the train behind you were getting somewhat frustrated by this time so after many laps of this I decided to go for it, and if you watch the replay I was along side your door when we were in the corner and by the punting rules that is my line then. You did not leave me a line and chose to go for apex, when I was clearly beside you, which then caused the collision. I was going to just let this go until i read your comments. The pass was on edge but within the rules as written. I notice that you chose to never leave the racing line even if someone was clearly faster and committed to a pass. Hence all the little taps. In all the other racing I have experienced and watched if someone is clearly faster and goes for a pass, and along side going in to the corner, the other person must leave room which you did not. Please watch the replay closely and read the rules for both blocking and punting. It is my opinion that a subtle block once is okay but when it is multiple times it can get frustrating. I will just leave this as a racing incident.
    I will gladly have race with you on my server True North racing and we can practice good passing practices. Kiril and I race on a regular basis and have some of the most incredible replays to re-watch as we surrender the racing line if someone is already committed to the pass. This makes for side by side racing that is unbelievable. We are racing most days late afternoon early evening your time. My server is always on and you are welcome to come race in a very respectful environment.
    GREAT racing everyone.
  11. Paul Upham

    Paul Upham Pro Driver

    We are racing right now so come race with us

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