SRO Software Update - April 2019

Discussion in 'SRO Software Information' started by Mark Hightree, Apr 13, 2019.

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    Has it been that long since the last update? You may have noticed some changes to the site over the past year and a half. If you are an administrator at the site, and there are 7 of us now, then you have noticed some big changes.

    SRO recently completed the first version of our Race Data Administration (RDA) tools. RDA tools allow administrators to easily create and activate new series. New series often require new cars and new tracks. Everything needed to manage every aspect of the series life cycle is now part of the SRO web application.

    RDA also features automated results processing. What was once a process that only one person could do can now be done by anyone. Automated results processing works with all the simulators we support and is the main supplier of data to our statistics database. It's basically a 3 step process: Import, Verify, and Post. Other tools are available to make managing series easier, including driver and team management and a penalty tool. Now it’s easier than ever to issue a penalty. So drive hard, but fair :)

    Now the back office systems are complete. It is time to move our public website to a higher standard. We have upgrades in the pipeline that include more device-friendly user interface and perks for our SRO Team Members, who deserve more features for their financial support of SRO. Thank You!
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