Assetto Corsa TNC Euro F3 Series - Round 6 - Zandvoort GP

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  1. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    Date: Tue Mar 6, 2018
    Race Time: 21:15 GMT
    Qualify Time: 21:00 (10 minutes)
    Practice Time: 20:00

    Present fastest laps

    Rules to Remember
    Punting 3.1
    Use of Escape Key in Qualifying 3.4

    Hi all, Welcome to Round 6 of the TNC Euro F3 Series.

    I am delighted to bring my racing events to SRO, having run series previously for many years at Race2Play.

    So as most of you who have raced with me before will know, play fair and we will have a great series.

    All SRO Rules are in play so please bear that mind and ensure you and all other competitors have an enjoyable event.

    Good luck all!
  2. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    With immediate effect all drivers are expected to download and install the following app

    This app is now mandatory for all Assetto Corsa events.

    Previously it was optional, but several including myself had been using it and indeed been penalised by it.

    To make it a level playing field, all drivers are now required to have the app installed.

    Please ensure this is done in very good time for this event.

    Pit Lane Penalty is an app which detects race track cutting.
    It will give you 3 warnings of cutting the track limits, and on the 4th occasion, will issue you with a drive-thrupenalty.
    You have 3 laps to serve this drive-thru.
    You can take your penalty at the same time as a pit stop (Something that cannot be avoided at this time).

    Criteria the system uses for detecting track cuts:-
    • Track cutting is defined as 3 or more wheels out of the track, using the AC cut detection.
    • Only cuts over 50 kph are registered.
    • If you are off-track for more than 1.3 seconds, or slow down to less than 90% of your track exit speed at any time while off-track before re-entering, a cut won't be registered. This is to stop accidents from registering as cuts. The app does detect high speed cuts that last longer than 1.3 seconds, where you don't slow down, as well.

    Unzip the app into your Assetto Corsa root directory. Typically:-
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa

    Start Assetto Corsa, navigate to OPTIONS > GENERAL and then put a check next to PitLanePenalty to enable the app.
    Then once on track, go to the right hand menu that appears at the edge of the screen and tick the Pit Lane Penalty icon to ensure you are notified on track of any warnings or penalties received.
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  3. for setups and driving guides you can look into these videos:

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  4. Patrik Trefny

    Patrik Trefny Pro Driver

  5. another source of setups is this site:
    attached 1.36.713.ini for Zandvoort
    Jaap's setup is low on this track and car very easy to lose :)

    Attached Files:

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  6. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    Thanks guys, good to see us helping eachother here.

    Still deciding whether to do another series of this or move to other cars in AC.

    Thoughts welcome...
  7. I like F3, personally I would prefer to stay with this car for another champ.
  8. Patrik Trefny

    Patrik Trefny Pro Driver

    I like also Tatuus. kind of different driving with it but fun too. I would try also
    Formula Renault 3.5 but seems that this mod is not so good according to the discussion on RD :| ..anyway - no issues to stay with Dallara ;)
  9. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Practice server is up!
    Remember this track only has 18 driver slots ,right now we have 17 signed up so we should be good to go ..
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  10. alessio uberti

    alessio uberti Pro Driver

    i like this dallara and i propose: dallara with new tracks o formula 2 (there is already the mod Lotus on AC)
  11. for the format I would probably suggest the following:
    1. keep same F3 car (car is in good quality, setups availability, youtube recordings with driving examples)
    2. add mandatory pit-stop. This will enrich racing with some strategy/planning, prove your ability not to lose time on pit-stop ;)
    3. race duration to 45 min.
    4. change tracks (I would prefer to use only good quality laser-scanned)
    5. some promotion on forums about champ to increase grid to ~20 ppl
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  12. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    Thanks guys will add it in to the mix.
    Llike the extra five minutes and a pit stop idea.
    Open to suggestions about tracks, as you can see used Euro GP tracks pretty much this season.

    Looking at alternate weeks between these cars and a GT Series as well, need to start planning it really!
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  13. Rui Santos

    Rui Santos Pro Driver

    If the hour can be later, like 22:00h GMT i'll be thankful, if not i won't be able to participate (yay) due to familiar task restrictions...
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  14. also from old-good-days NetKar-pro racing champ on Radiators forum I found it is very socializing when we had 5min pre-race chat. This time used to say hi, remind the rules and wish a good race for everyone. this is a kind of pilot briefing in real world racing ;)
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  15. alessio uberti

    alessio uberti Pro Driver

    no problem for me ;)
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  16. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    Yep I always do that kind of stuff pre race.
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  17. Patrik Trefny

    Patrik Trefny Pro Driver

    agree with everything mostly, just pls don't change Tuesdays :) playing at later time is a bit too late for me, but in case there is big demand for it I can adapt. regarding tracks - also prefer kunos ones, or really good mods. btw - check on ''black cat coumty short''. it looks crazy at beginning, but after you get familiar with it is fun to drive on it.
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  18. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

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  19. Rui Santos

    Rui Santos Pro Driver

    My 2 cents for next championship (even if i won't be able to do it)

    IMO mandatory pitstops won't benefit anyone and won't bring any challenge. Guess they will only increase gaps or end good fights that might be going on. If you're thinking you'll gain time with pitstops or a driver doing a mistake when pitting that won't happen, because the difference of laptimes from qualify (low fuel) to race aren't too significant (1 second at best, mostly 0.500) and they're AUTOMATIC in AC (no speed limiter, etçª) so forget the pit factor. So in example i'll start the race with full tank and will pit only for tires. Time lost for others? None...

    I also think those cars are better for sprint races, also 45 minutes seems too much, 40 minutes is a good amount of time for a sprint race...

    Some of tracks where we could race are:

    - Donington
    -Okayama (great track)
    - Croft
    - Road Atlanta
    - Nurburgring (circuit ONLY)
    - Macau (the final challenge like in real life event)

    - Some others you'll find good to race...

    Also, Slipstream effect should be tested and increased with the slider for next championship. There almost no slipstream effect with 1x in this mod...

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  20. Rui thanks for feedback.
    Agree that juniors series in real life are mostly sprint races (~25-35 min per race). But also over weekend they do 2-3 races. In this champ we have 1 race per 2 weeks and short race feels like incomplete satisfaction :D

    True that pitstop can break a battle or allow person under pressure to take pitstop and run more quiet race. On a longer race duration that is less factor (that is why proposed to increase to 45 min). From other hand pitstops bring more real-thing experience.

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