Assetto Corsa TNC Euro F3 Series - Round 8 - Spa Francorchamps GP

Discussion in 'TNC Euro F3 Series Closed' started by Nick Phillips, Dec 26, 2017.

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  1. Patrik Trefny

    Patrik Trefny Pro Driver

    It's quite late already at current time for west and central europe. Better if you try organize your time to be able to drive. Would be pity to lost the challenge in front of the grid ;)
  2. Patrik Trefny

    Patrik Trefny Pro Driver

    at RD there is currently ongoing F3 series. seems it is quite full
  3. it looks like just single event, right? I don't see any schedule description. Wonder they have full grid + waiting list.
  4. Rui Santos

    Rui Santos Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Yes, they're single events, nothing special...

    Yeah, most probably you'll lose me from the field, also in the Leon series that i would love to do...
  5. Sad to hear that. We are not large group so each driver is valuable:(
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  6. Rui Santos

    Rui Santos Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Agree, and i would love to keep racing here, but i see i'll have to look somewhere else, maybe in few years i might come back. Anyway it was good to race you
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  7. Patrik Trefny

    Patrik Trefny Pro Driver

    Btw - directly in assetto official forum, there you, admins, can post the series. It is actualy place where I found this F3 series.
  8. Rui Santos

    Rui Santos Administrator Staff Member Donator

    I'm moderator of Sim Racersgroup on Facebook, it has 15.000 members, you can post there, i allow it, lol :D
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  9. looking that 170+ people are watching online F3 Race on RD I'm jealous :D:mad:
  10. I see group "simracinggirl" is much more popular :D:eek:
  11. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

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  12. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    Thanks Ken, was ill in bed when this diverted. Any more posts not to do with the original subject will be deleted.
  13. Gerhard Hofmann

    Gerhard Hofmann Pro Driver Donator

    Sorry for the late reaction. i read this thread by chance. Sorry, the other ACD Members and me dont know this german group.
    We are quite happy to race with you here. I will try to join the spa-race
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  14. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Race Day PW set ! See you on track !
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  15. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    And to prove nothing can be set in stone, my night out tonight has been moved to tomorrow due to a number of ill people, so plan to be on track later!
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  16. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    Grat to Rui on the Drivers Title and Pinnacle for the Team Champ.

    Been a tough season but good fun throughout, thanks to all who raced.

    Rob will be taking over the series next time out as a mixture of work and leisure threatens to get in my way, so best to hand over now rather than have any issues going forward.

    I know some exciting changes of format coming which I agree with and look forward to seeing what appears.

    Thanks all.
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  17. alessio uberti

    alessio uberti Pro Driver

    Grat to everyone and to Rui for the Drivers Title ... it was a beautiful and fun championship!!!!
    see you next time f3 ;)
    Thannks all!!!!
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  18. Roel Postma

    Roel Postma Pro Driver

    Nick, thank you for running this perfect show! Nice circuits that suited the cars very well and close and most of all fair racing. #Rob, can we have fixed skins for the upcoming season, because some of the nosecolors are disturbing and it makes for a better recognition as you drive with labels of like i do.
    Thanks for all you guys that made this competition fun and i hope to see an even bigger lineup for next season.
  19. OK, didn't like too much this track for this car - too long and car is slow for SPA. Was 5 in Quali, not able to run at my best speed (1.17.9 is my best). Start was OK, then in turn 1 I touched slightly @Patrik Trefny , and he spin. Another car or two made mistake in front and I moved to 2nd position. Then for few laps was a fight with Blue car (sorry didn't get who was it). Great battle, enjoyed a lot. Ultimately in last corner we touched (from my visor car was far enough but if that is my fault - I accept penalty). Then long run alone. I keep pace around 1.19.5. Then made mistake and run wide. That was my second off-track so to avoid 3rd (and drive-through) I lost my pace to 1.20.5 in avg. That allowed to catch me to the end of the race by @alessio uberti
    congrats to everyone and waiting for new season! thanks for admins to support it!
  20. Roel Postma

    Roel Postma Pro Driver

    Vyacheslav, we did not touch. It was my own mistake while i was full on the brakes and that gave you the idea that you touched me.
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