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  1. Thomas Alderton

    Thomas Alderton Licensed Driver

    Team ATOM


    Drivers: Thomas Alderton
    Website: Team ATOM

    Position available - Message for information.
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  2. Thomas Alderton

    Thomas Alderton Licensed Driver

    I would like to announce that Team ATOM has undergone a name change.

    The team is now called

    Turismo Motorsport
    Turismo Logo.png
    Drivers: Thomas Alderton, Ben Russell
    Twitter: @TurismoMsport
    Email: turismomotorsport@gmail.com
  3. David Marques

    David Marques Ace Motorsport

    Good afternoon dear Tomas, I am interested in joining your team, of course this is if there are vacancies, I do not speak English very well, I use the google translate:confused:, I hope this is not an impediment to accept me in your team, thank you very much .
    P.D: My experience in the simracing is not wide, but I am always ready to undertake new challenges, I can also contribute some other skin for your cars, of course this is always time permitting.

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