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Discussion in '[U.S] Flat6 GT3 Cup World Challenge Closed' started by Doug Dezan, Oct 17, 2020.

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  1. Doug Dezan

    Doug Dezan Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Cool Text - Virtual Steward 365768234938923.png
    This week I have add a new addition to our racing events.

    Two races have passed in the Flat 6 events and we have had to many infractions, so I reinstalled a old buddy of mine. The software will watch over the race for on-track infractions such as contacts with other cars and other Off Track Excursions, also other surveillance for Tires and Fuel. Virtual Steward also does much more to help hosts keep events clean and fair play racing. You can still make reports to me if you like after a race but it may not be necessary anymore at Imagine Race Tribe Series. If you don't play fair or do not pass a drive through or cut the track etc., you will receive a initial message about your infraction soon after the event that there is an investigation of your actions.

    A Very Important Note to Drivers

    There will be no more warnings issued for your first infraction. A penalty will be assessed depending of the severity of your actions on the track.
    Warnings are formally put to an end for all infractions. Penalties will now be from time added up to suspension from series. Virtual Steward does not make the final conclusion of a infraction, human Stewards will review what Virtual Steward reports.

    See you on race day
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  2. Rui Santos

    Rui Santos Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Very good Doug! What kind of "thing" the software do about tires and fuel? Detecting cheats? That would be great! Can i use it in my USF2000 championship?
  3. Doug Dezan

    Doug Dezan Administrator Staff Member Donator

    I will let you know after the Spa Event Rui. ;)
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