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Name: John van der Geest
Age: 54 (as of 2018)
Country: Netherlands

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Started simracing off-line in 1999 with Grand Prix Legends.
Started simracing on-line in 2008 at Race2Play.
Became Administrator at SRO in 2016.
Favourite type of racing: multi-class 90 minutes
Favourite type of track: Long tracks
Favourite tracks: Brno 65 / Dundrod / Spa 66 / Magnificent Park Endurance / and many more ...
Favourite sim: rFactor 2 / Assetto Corsa
Favourite cars: Historic cars

Started off my racing career in 1995 with a Nascar game and a joystick, followed up by Grand Prix 1 and Grand Prix 2 by Geoff Crammond. Also drove them with a joystick. Got my first steering wheel when I bought Grand Prix Legends in 1999. That's where I start counting as a start in simracing. Driving that brutal sim is where I learned to control a racecar. After that, I did a lot of GTL and GTR1 and finally, I decided to go online in 2008 to test myself against humans. The rest is history.