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Administrator/Software Developer
Name: Mark Hightree
Age: 54 (as of 2018)
Country: USA


Favorite type of racing: 90+ Minute Multi-class and Historic F1
Favorite type of track: Technical
Favorite tracks: Nordschleife, Spa, Sebring, Mid-Ohio
Favorite sim: rFactor 2
Favorite Cars: Enduracers and F1 1979

I am relatively new to sim racing. My brother-in-law introduced me to rFactor1 in 2008 and we were soon networking our computers together and racing on weekends. My first online race was at Race2Play in 2011 and I competed there until they closed the doors in 2016. It was then that I teamed up with Nigel and the crew to begin writing the custom software that we use at SRO today. It's been my pleasure to serve this awesome community and hope to continue serving for many years to come.

I also enjoy creating plugins and building hardware for rFactor2. I have built three custom motec dash displays and wrote the software for Arduino and Teensy microcontrollers, which drive the displays. I currently use a G27 wheel, V2 clubsport pedals and a custom made sequential shifter mounted on my one of a kind plywood chassis. Other hobbies include designing, building and flying r/c airplanes and I received my FAA pilot license in 1993.