1. Looking for some quick GT3 action? The SRO ACC Public server is now live! 15 min races, 10 min Q with a 10 min P session to populate the server. Randomize track when empty is also ON. Track medals = 3, safety rating = 75, race craft = 20. SRO members who have raced in the series will be on the entry list! Server name: SRO Public Server #1. Servers up 24/7
  2. Phil Brown has won the last round at Sebring in the SCCA series, while Csaba Lako wins the championship.
  3. Toni Talvitie wins at the Nurburgring in the Renault 3.5 World Series. Caitlin Penny and Mark Hightree complete the podium.
  4. 1st ever Online Championship win in 15 years for Andre Lagunzad in the rF1 Fabcar series, with 4 wins out of 6 races.
  5. Registration is now open for the first official AMS2 event here at SRO! The GTE USA Challenge 4- 60 min races at 4 of the best tracks the US has to offer. Check the official forum thread for details! series starts Oct 2nd, 2021 Hope to see you on the grid!
  6. Don't forget to check in on the Announcement Thread in our General Forums, for notification of upcoming new series

Sim Racing Online

SimRacingOnline hosts free online events every week for all of the popular racing simulators. Join us and begin your online racing career today.

As some of you know we have a "Driver Stats & Result System" being made for us by an anonymous member. The last news you heard about this was in the interview that myself and Nigel did with John did back in December. To show you at what stage we are at John Vd Geest has been called to action once more and made us a work in progress promo. This video shows you at what stage we are at and how what we have so far works. I hope you enjoy the video and can see the amount of work our little elf has done so far. We are over the moon with it as I am sure you will be to. A big thanks to our elf for waving his pixie dust and making the software and to John Vd Geest for once again knocking it out the park on the video front.
Assetto Corsa Info & Intro
Introduction: Welcome to the inaugural Sim Racing Online GT3 Championship . This March 23 drivers will meet to test their skills of endurance. Each round will be 90 minutes around 7 world class tracks. Driving some of the best GT3 cars around to try and win the championship. Could you/your team be the one to take the crown?
Server Name: SimRacingOnline CPDM Qualifying: 20:00 GMT Qualifying length: 10 minutes Race 20:15 GMT Race length: 15 laps
Server Name: A1-SRO Porsche GT3 R 2016 Qualifying: 20:00 GMT Qualifying length: 10 minutes Race 20:15 GMT Race length: 30 laps
Server Name: SimRacingOnline Lotus 72 Qualifying: 20:00 GMT Qualifying length: 10 minutes Race 20:15 GMT Race length: 25 laps
Server Name: www.simracingonline.co.uk Qualifying: 21:00 GMT Qualifying length: 10 Minutes Race 21:15 GMT Race length: 30 Minutes
Server Name: www.simracingonline.co.uk Qualifying 20:00 GMT 10 minutes Race 20:15 GMT 30 Minutes Driving aids Auto clutch Traction control Start Type Formation Lap Weather Dry
Qualifying Race 1 LFS Rallycross 19:00 GMT 10 minutes Race 1 19:15 GMT 10 Minutes Qualifying Race 2 Mid Ohio Rallycross 19:30 GMT 10 Minutes Race 2 19:45 GMT 10 minutes