1. It was a close finish at the Norisring in the '91 DTM Championship. Toni Talviti wins by a half second over Jens Roos. Johnny Gutierrez crosses the line two seconds being Jens for third. Join us Nov. 7 for the next event at Hockenheim.
  2. Gert-Jan van Osch is the winner at Magny Cours in Round 1 of the Megane Trophy Series. Join us for the next event Oct 31st at Nogaro.
  3. Registration is now open for the ACC GT3 2021 Championship Series 4 60 min races with mandatory pit stop / 4 tire change. Series starting November 6th @ 20:00 GMT
  4. Alex Bonner wins at Korea International in a close battle with Andreas Schuster. Tim Muttram takes 3rd and sets a new track record.
  5. Andre Lagunzad wins Round 2 of the Man vs Track Challenge at Sebring. Next event is Oct. 27th at Dundrod
  6. Registration is now open for the Tuesday night racing 2017 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup! Four 60 min races starting Oct 26th 19:00 GMT/ changing to 20:00 GMT after the Oct 31st time change.
  7. Don't miss out on the DTM 1991 series! Next event is Sunday Oct. 24th. Try the free demo car.
  8. Don't forget to check in on the Announcement Thread in our General Forums, for notification of upcoming new series

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Qualifying Race 1 LFS Rallycross 19:00 GMT 10 minutes Race 1 19:15 GMT 10 Minutes Qualifying Race 2 Mid Ohio Rallycross 19:30 GMT 10 Minutes Race 2 19:45 GMT 10 minutes
There must be a minimum of 3 drivers in each class for the race to go ahead. Qualifying 19:00 GMT 10 minutes Race 19:15 GMT 90 minutes